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October 04, 2023

Release #42 - August 2023

Win a BAKER 6-into-4 Complete Transmission at the 20th Annual Indian Larry Block Party!*

The 20th Annual Indian Larry Block Party is just a couple of weeks away! In the spirit of celebrating motorcycles and Indian Larry, we freshened up our Indian Larry bike with our current generation production 6-into-4. We took the gen 1 transmission out of that bike, gave it a full rebuild, and are donating it to the cause, a charity near and dear to Bobby Seeger (owner of Indian Larry Motorcycles), the ALD Alliance. The ALD Alliance was established to help families across the United States who are newly diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) by providing them with current and functional information to cope with and fight this rare and devastating disease.

Specs on this 6-into-4 are as follows:
• Ear Polished Case
• 1970-1984 Length Tapered Mainshaft
• Polished Bearing Door
• Standard Mechanical Chrome Kicker Cover
• N1 Shift Drum
• BAKER Voyeur Top Cover
• BAKER Truss Style Shift Lever
• BAKER Klassic Kicker Gears

Help the children by buying a raffle ticket to win this 6-into-4 transmission!

Learn how to purchase raffle tickets by following us and ALD Alliance on Instagram!

Metal Innovations and Artistry

Metal Innovations and Artistry has been a BAKER dealer for a little over a year and has proven to be a great shop. Jon Sniger, the owner of Metal Innovations and Artistry, started building and designing motorcycles when he was 16 years old. He has over 20 years of experience in building and fabricating motorcycles, classic cars, and ATVs. After some years of traveling and being influenced by styles from coast to coast, Jon settled in Massachusetts and started MIA. Their shop specializes in custom performance bikes and has won many awards since their opening in late 2020. Check out Scott interviewing Jon about his latest performance build!

Watch the interview here

Keep it cool with the BAKER +1.5 Oil Pan Kit

In 1993, the 80 CI Evo engine made 69 ft-lbs torque, according to online specs. In 2009, the 110 CVO engine made a claimed 115 ft-lbs torque. More torque equals more heat, but that’s just part of the story. The engine oil capacity of 4.0 quarts is unchanged from 1993 to present even though modern engines make a lot more power and a lot more heat. To the engineers at BAKER Drivetrain, this didn’t make much sense.
Engine oil does two things. It lubricates metal-on-metal interfaces and carries heat away from hot spots like cylinder heads and the underside of the pistons. So BAKER’s +1.5 quart oil pan was designed to lower engine oil temperature by using a larger volume of oil to carry heat away from the hot engine.

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Oil & Spiders

Have you thought about oil lately? What viscosity should you use? Why is oil important for your engine and transmission? Check out this throwback to Bert's article that was published in IronWorks Magazine about the importance of using the right oil.

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Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration