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April 17, 2024

Release #49- March 2024

Get Lowered Cycles
BAKER Dealer Since 2020

Michelle had an insightful conversation with Mike from Get Lowered Cycles, exploring the diverse offerings of their shop based in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Specializing in customized Harley-Davidsons, they excel in performance enhancements, ranging from meticulous dyno tunes to expert motor upgrades. Since its establishment in 2009, the shop has evolved into an e-commerce business, in addition to its brick-and-mortar store. While they primarily work on newer models, they still service older Harley-Davidson bikes and undertake several custom projects every year. With a team of three on the service side and a total of eight across various roles, Get Lowered Cycles prides itself on efficiency and prioritizes American-made products whenever possible, reflecting a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Prevent Lateral Walking with the High Torque Bearing Kit

The 34091-85 inner bearing race has been used on Big Twins since 1985. The inner primary bearing rides on this race. By design, this race is press-fit onto the transmission mainshaft. This system works fine for stock engines.

The stock inner bearing race becomes useless when you have over 100+ HP because the strength of the engine will cause the race to walk. The BAKER® High Torque Bearing Kit eliminates lateral walking of the mainshaft race, eliminates oil leaks, and eases serviceability. This kit replaces the 34091-85 inner bearing race in 1985-2007 Big Twin applications.

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How to Remove a Walked Inner Race Without Damaging the Mainshaft

Amidst all of the internet resources, there are many tips and tricks to safely extract a stubborn inner race without jeopardizing the integrity of the mainshaft. Among the plethora of suggestions available, this method stands out as one of our preferred techniques for accomplishing this delicate task. By following this tried and tested tip, you can master the art of removing a walked inner race with finesse and precision, ensuring that your mainshaft remains unscathed throughout the process.
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Experience the BAKER GrudgeBox!

Interested in having a BAKER GrudgeBox kit installed during Leesburg Bike Fest? Swing by Cycle Solutions' booth at Gator Harley-Davidson between April 25 through 28, 2024! Secure your installation appointment via email ( or by phone (765-768-6000). Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your bike with the strongest transmission on the market with expert installation services!

OD6 Kit Build
We had the pleasure of teaching The Ornery One how to build an OD6 Builder's Kit at our shop. Keep an eye out on his socials for the full video!
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