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May 29, 2018 News Archive
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Release #13

Hot Product Of The Month

BAKER Hydraulic Side Cover for Harley-Davidson

BAKER Hydraulic Side Covers™ 

The BAKER Hydraulic Side Cover can be used as an upgrade to convert your bike from a mechanical cable style actuator, to the smooth action of a hydraulic. It has a slim design that adds the toughness of billet with the innovation of a BAKER product to your Big Twin. We use a 1.5” diameter, double sealed, steel piston to work flawlessly with an 11/16” bore hydraulic master cylinder. It is designed to fit stock 5-speeds, stock 6-speeds, the BAKER DD5, DD6, OD6, DD7 and GrudgeBox. 

See the Hydraulic Side Cover

Featured Dealer Of The Month

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BAKER Gearhead School

Use Your Head and Wrench Right


This BAKER Gearhead Class is about Bleeding a Hydraulic Side Cover with Lurkin' Lerg.

Check it out!

BAKER Monthly News Highlight

Memorial Day: Riding free is a way of honoring our fallen heroes and their sacrifices

Closed on Memorial Day

We will be closed on Monday, May 28, 2018 for Memorial Day.

We will proceed with normal business hours (8AM-7PM EST) on Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

More News

Like My Bike Photo Contest  
Like My Bike Contest

Show off your bike and the BAKER Drivetrain products you're using in our Like My Bike Contest.
The bi-monthly winner will receive a free shirt!

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The BAKER 2018 Poster Calendar

Celebrating 20 years in the business, this 2018 calendar is a big ol' 24'x36' poster that features the timeline of the innovations we've released into the industry since 1998.

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Veterans Discount

Hail To Those Who Have Served

It's the least we can do, 10% off to active duty or veterans of the Armed Forces. You'll just need a photo of your DD214 or active/veteran ID card.
Chat with us via our website or call (517) 339-3835 to redeem.


Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration