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December 14, 2016 News Archive

Chris Callen: Just Dig The Ride

Ya know the whole Bagger vs. Chopper wars that go on from time to time are funny to me. I mean, the word Bagger to begin with is something that this decade of motorcycle enthusiast owns completely. As I was growing up, these motorcycles were known as Full Dressers and to this day for many of us still are. Anyway, the funny thing about one group versus the other, as it applies to this article, is that in the end it just doesn’t matter. These invisible boundaries we create to identify each other are just that, invisible and invented...

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July 14, 2016 News Archive

Power To The Pavement!

BAKER Drivetrain will be helping represent Michigan drag racing culture as the AMRA, the only American motorcycle sanction, returns to the US-131 Motorsports Park this July 23-24!


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